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Social Security Administration

Optional Unpaid Leave (OUL)

Federal agencies should allow employees to take a limited amount of unpaid leave each year. This would save the federal government money and provide employees with the option of additional leave each year. This gives employees the option of taking additional leave while allowing them to carry over annual leave into the next year. Many employees prefer to keep a bank of leave for emergencies but still desire extra time... more »



National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Cut Gov't Travel Budgets - Too many free vacations!

I know folks like to travel - but - in the Federal Gov't folks travel "just because they can" and the money is there - many trips are unnecessary to complete the mission. Extra "offsite" meetings at resorts, shopping for conferences just to go to a fun city for a week, travelling 3000 miles for a 2 hour meeting, all that is nice - but it's paid by taxpayer money and in this time of need that's where there is a lot of... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Employee Controlled Leave Management

Use an online system that allows employees to enter, request, and have approved all leave requests. This system could be tied into the current Vista, ETA, and MyPay systems.
Organizations could input top workload days in the calendar and block certain weeks/days to require employees to be present at the office/workstation.
Employee enters the system having limited access and reviews calendar for 'available' time periods... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Voluntary Reduction In Government Salaries

A significant reduction in government salaries can result in substantial cost savings. Ask employees if they would like to volunteer for a reduction in hours.

This is a win-win situation for employers and employees. I would want to work for an employer that offered this opportunity. Of course the employer and employee would have to consent to the time off and it would be dependent upon the workload.

I have worked... more »