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Department of Homeland Security

Countries pay for their illegals.

In addition to fining those present in the United States contrary to law, we should start charging the countries of nationality for the detention, removal, and deportation of their citizens.

If these countries were doing more to improve the quality of life, that would hinder the influx of people who are "just trying to make a better life."

By the way anyone who comes to the U.S., for the purposes of living, working,... more »



Legislative Branch

Naturalized Citizens Convicted of Terrorism Loose Citizenship

Lately there have been a number of naturalized citizens convicted of terrorist activities against the US. None of them have lost their citizenship. They and their immediate family (if naturalized) should be immediately stripped of US citizenship on conviction of involvement in terrorist related activities. Why should someone trying to destroy us remain a citizen? It should be a privelege not a right for someone not... more »