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Department of Veterans Affairs

Overhaul Veterans Disability System

The current disability system rewards Veterans for being disabled. The more disabled a Veteran is - the more money the Veteran gets.

The disability system should be based on rewarding Veterans for getting more ability. The disability system needs to work closer with the healthcare side - and ensure that recovery timelines are being met. If a Veteran doesn't make their appointment or doesn't follow their medical care... more »



Legislative Branch

Paperless Government - eLearning

The Government is in a movement in which we want to save paper, some call it a "Paperless Government".

While we're working hard to "Go Green", we seem to be lacking on one department.


Education in the federal workforce uses tens of thousands sheets of paper each day. The expense tot he people, and more importantly to the Veterans is astronomical. I have personally used an entire box of paper for one training... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Integrate IHS and VHA electronic medical records

Integrate Indian Health Service electronic medical records records with VHA records, so VHA providers can access IHS records, and IHS providers can access VHA records

This would decrease:
1) Time VHA providers and nurses spend trying to obtain IHS records
2) Time Health Information scanners spend scanning IHS records, once obtained
3) Duplication of services
4) Delays in care of Veterans, who go to both IHS and VHA providers... more »


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