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Corporation for National and Community Service

Self-insuring Airline Retail Sale Ticket Fund Saves Millions

Problem: While GSA’s government-wide travel policies permit Federal employees to take advantage of airlines’ retail sale prices, because the employee must assume risks of cancellation or change fees, employees rarely take advantage of sale ticket prices which are far below the refundable GSA City Pair program fare prices. While city pair fares save as much as 70 percent, that savings is measured against retail fully... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Allow TSA to Accept e-Tickets at the Security Checkpoint

Why do we all need paper tickets at the airport? All they do at the gate is scan a barcode and let you keep the darn things anyway! What a waste! Why not save everyone some money and just show our smartphones or iPads w/ a copy of our e-Ticket at the TSA checkpoint and at the gate. It's not like paper tickets have some huge security benefit...



Department of Defense

Don't Incentivise Contractor Failure

When I have an issue with my computer and I call NMCI the thing they are most concerned with is creating a 'ticket' rather than solving my problem. For each ticket they close, they get paid. If they field a perfect system with no problems they receive no additional pay. If they field a problematic system which in turn creates many tickets, they get paid.

Many defense contractors get paid a lot of money to design systems.... more »