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Social Security Administration

Reallocate sources to Combat Fraud and Clean up Policy Regs

There is vast fraud with Medicare and Social Security applications, resources should be reallocated to focus on cracking down hard on fraud. Our operations is significanlty slowed by the Headquarters lack of attention to cleaning up policy, forms and operational instructions. HQ's needs to take the lead on:

cleaning up policy procedures

rewriting the letters to the public so that they are concise and clear

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Judicial Branch

Postage Parcels shipped via Fed Ex between SSA ODAR & Field Off

Employee drivers to transport mail between SSA ODAR offices to and from local District Offices & field offices. This would result in a half a million dollars saved by paying an annual salary, using the government scale-providing a vehicle for the transportation and a gas card. There would be no mileage reimbursement. This would result in a job for a student intern, a veteran, or public which would boost the unemployment... more »


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