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Department of Veterans Affairs

VAMC Reimburses OI & T Development When 6550 Not Followed

VA Directive 6550 requires that IT complete pre assessments on all medical devices that connects to the VA information network and/or contains patient information. Yet, VAMC continuously purchase software void of IT involvement. The expectation is that IT will complete all paper work for any waiver approvals and development on short notice to ‘make it work’ once purchased. IT also often spends countless hours on the... more »


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Department of Defense

Fix the Flexible Spending Account Process

FSA is a good idea. It allows employees to pay for the out of pocket medical costs with their pre-tax dollars. The problem is that with the new health care law, the system has gone from "anything's eligible" to a confusing system where many less expenses are eligible. I get it that the system needed to be fixed, but it's ridiculous that participants must now 1)figure out what's reimbusable; 2)figure out how it gets reimbursed... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Countries pay for their illegals.

In addition to fining those present in the United States contrary to law, we should start charging the countries of nationality for the detention, removal, and deportation of their citizens.

If these countries were doing more to improve the quality of life, that would hinder the influx of people who are "just trying to make a better life."

By the way anyone who comes to the U.S., for the purposes of living, working,... more »



National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Internet Service for Teleworkers

Reimburse teleworking employees for internet service. This will not only encourage more teleworking, but also encourage those employees who have to pay extra for high-speed service to do so, in order to save time in sending/receiving internet correspondence. For example, a document that one rural employee recently had to upload remotely to the workplace server took over an hour; with higher speed internet, this would... more »