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Legislative Branch

Raise Office Temperatures & allow 'Office Casual Clothing'

Raise office building temps by 3-5 degress and allow employees to wear nice casual clothing such as shorts, sandals, linens, plain colored t-shirts.

As global warming sets in and oil costs continuing to rise, we face ever increasing costs to cool our office spaces. By increase the environmental temperature in our office buildings by a couple of degrees, we can save energy and reduce our impact on the electrical grids,... more »



Environmental Protection Agency

Energy Use/Operating Budgets

Require that all federal agencies reduce their energy use by a certain percentage each year. Energy audits will show where reductions can be made. We have storage rooms that are infrequently used but constantly lit, and conference rooms that are freezing cold. If our operating budgets for energy were reduced, we'd all be forced to comply! Waste not, want not!