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Department of the Treasury

Eliminate Coins

The cost of minting exceeds the value of the penny and the nickel. Cash sales will have to be rounded to the nearest decimal, either zero or 10, but credit and debit cards can still be billed the exact amount. The U.S. military has adopted this system and eliminated use of the penny overseas.

Likewise, "commerative" quarters, which are taken out of circulation by collectors are also a net drain on the Treasury, and... more »



Legislative Branch

Stop minting Quarter Dollars, Mint Half Dollars instead.

Some of the benefits of doing this are:

No more confusion between a quarter and a golden dollar. This means that one area of resistance to use the dollar coin is eliminated. Dollar coins have lower life cycle costs than paper one dollar bills.

It takes care of a major issue in trying to eliminate the 5 cent coin. (You could make the 5 cent coin form something other than nickel but it would have to get a new nick... more »