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Department of Health and Human Services

Paperless Processing System

Allow the SSA Field Offices access to the paperless processing system. Currently, Field Office employees query the PCACS system to see if there are any outstanding issues and/or diaries associated with the SSN. If PCACS shows something pending in Paperless, then Field Office employees can not view that information. By access to the Paperless Processing System:
• Field Office employees will be able to view all documents... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Electronic Record Keeping for IRB research Processing

IRB processing is currently paper-based and horribly inefficient. Hundreds of pages of paper are used to process research applications for the most minimal-risk studies and usually take a full year to process. Gaps in the process due to forms not having numbers, forms being replaced with e-mail verifications, etc. make the process wasteful, time consuming, confusing and require extra staff to check for completion that... more »


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