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General Services Administration

Replace leafblowers with rakes

In the fall, the facilities workers at my agency use leafblowers to clean up the outside of our building. These leafblowers are not only expensive to buy (or rent) and to repair, but they waste energy and contribute to both air pollution and noise pollution.

Why not replace those leafblowers with good old-fashioned rakes? Rakes are less wasteful, not just when they're being used, but also when they're being manufactured.... more »



Department of Energy

Noise Sensitive Area Wind Energy

Throughout the US there are Military Operating Areas (MOAs) and Military Training Routes (MTRs) which are used by military aircraft for training purposes. Within the borders of these airspaces are Noise Sensitive Areas (NSAs) which are designated blocks of airspace that the aircraft cannot fly over. These NSAs keep civilian farmers and ranchers happy by limiting the airspace military aircraft have for low level training... more »