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Nuclear Regulatory Commission

End of FY Spending by Government (Offer Incentives to Agencies)

As we all know, at the end of the FY each agency scrambles to spend what is left in their budgets. Most of the spending is careless and wasteful. The primary reason for this is because the departements know that if they do not exhaust their budget, they will not get those funds back in their next budget.

President Obama should recognize this wasteful spending and offer enticing incentives for agencies that do not... more »



Department of the Interior

Incentive for Self Move Relocation When Changing Gov't Jobs

It should be obvious to everyone that renting a U-Haul and moving yourself is a much cheaper option than spending enormous amounts of money to have professional moving companies move household goods when federal employees transfer to a new duty station. The governemnt should offer to cover the costs associated with moving your possesions yourself along with a cash incentive for doing so. The self moving costs even with... more »



Department of Housing and Urban Development

Disincentivize continuing participation in income-based programs

People should be discouraged from staying on welfare or Section 8 or any other income-based program indefinitely. We don't have to kick them off the programs, but let's encourage them to seek employment that earns them more money. We can do so by requiring them to contribute an increasing percentage of their income to covering the costs of the program.

For example, currently all Section 8 participants pay 30% of their... more »