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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Revolving Exterior Doors

Replace exterior doors with revolving doors to prevent outside air from entering the building. This would save on heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

The current automatic doors remain open long after the user passes through. With the door wide open, air conditioning (or heat) escapes the building. A revolving door would prevent large amounts of interior conditioned air to escape, thus saving on utilities.... more »



General Services Administration

Summer Business Casual Dress Code = Less A/C

Why are federal employees expected to wear suits and ties during summer? The summer dress code for all federal workers should be changed to business casual [including golf shirts] and the ambient indoor temperature of federal office buildings should be increased 5 degrees. Employees will be more comfortable at work and commuting on mass transit, no more complaints about overly air conditioned offices, and the government... more »



Department of Defense

Put Solar on All Government Roofs when built or repaired

Roofing Projects for new government buildings and for Repairing existing government buildings is expensive, but it would Save a lot of money over time if we added Solar Panels at the same time as roof work is being contracted. The installation costs would be reduced greatly and the electrical savings would more than make up for the smaller construction cost over time and would lower our dependence on energy. It would... more »