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Department of Health and Human Services

Stop making PHS promotions contingent upon changing duty station

Currently the only way for PHS officers to be promoted is by moving to another duty station. This creates a system where nobody stays for more than 2-4 years, which is just about when they are becoming truly effective at their jobs. This results in ever-changing personnel, lack of continuity and increased costs of relocation.

Find a way to give promotions based upon RESULTS and allow PHS officers to remain in their... more »



Department of the Interior

Incentive for Self Move Relocation When Changing Gov't Jobs

It should be obvious to everyone that renting a U-Haul and moving yourself is a much cheaper option than spending enormous amounts of money to have professional moving companies move household goods when federal employees transfer to a new duty station. The governemnt should offer to cover the costs associated with moving your possesions yourself along with a cash incentive for doing so. The self moving costs even with... more »