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Department of the Interior

Give Local Job Applicants Hiring Priority To Save Moving Costs

When the government fills job vacancies, everyone who applies, regardless of their geographic proximity to the duty station is given equal consideration. If extra points were given to those who would not require a PCS relocation (and the expenses that are associated with it) then millions could be saved each and every year by allowing those who already live close by to fill vacancies. This would also be a great way for... more »



Department of Defense

Excess Service Facilities

We cannot afford to provide duplicate services that are not profitable. I suggest that we close and demolish all non-profitable (total revenues must be greater than total expenses including overhead such as utilities, building maintenance, and all soft costs no matter the color of money) service buildings on military installations within the United States where comparable services are offered within a nearby community... more »


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Department of Housing and Urban Development

Community Builders

Reduce the grades of former Community Builders (CB). Many of the positions were raised to GS-14. After the CB program was eliminated, these employees were placed back into their former positions which were lower graded. Since they are now doing work at their old grade level, their grades should have been lowered.

This was not done at the time so this error should be corrected now.