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Department of Agriculture

Drinking water and other hazardous wastes.

In my agency, the safety folks label everything "hazardous waste" that is used in a lab setting. My idea is to have a list of safe chemicals and substances across government agencies that are considered safe when not combined with unlisted chemicals.

As a recent example, when I boil tap water in a clean ceramic container that has never held a chemical other than water, I think "hazardous waste" is a bit excessive.... more »



Environmental Protection Agency

Consolidate Federal Chemical Hazard Assessment

I suggest a consolidation of chemical hazard assessment in a single forum to produce uniform Federal assessment documents on chemical hazards. Multiple agencies could then use this product in their specific risk assessment and risk management activities. While chemical “RISK” changes depending on use and exposure patterns, necessitating different approaches to assessing and managing risk as appropriate based on use and... more »