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Legislative Branch

Budget Roll Over..end "Spend it or Lose it" thought

The DoD budget process need to be revamped. For years Air Force leaders have been forced to spend the money or lose it. It’s simple economic principles that have been neglected for years and has contributed to the current debt crisis. A budget fluctuates with supply/demand, operations tempo, leadership/management, unit needs etc. Instead of being rewarded by effectively managing a budget. Units are punished by being forced... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Consolidate DHS Seized Property Operations

Currently; Border Patrol, CBP, FPS, ICE, TSA and the US Coast Guard have their own facilities, policy, processes, and specialist personnel to handle seized property and contraband.

By consolidating all of these facilities and processes into one DHS seized property system, cost savings and efficiency will occur.

Why does ICE need a seized property vault in the same geographical location as CBP?

Consolidate these facilities... more »