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Legislative Branch

Stop making parts of programs that have nothing to do with it.

When the Obamacare package came up and I heard it was 2500 pages long, it made me wonder how long a bill can really be. So I started reading some of it, and quite frankly I was rather upset. Many many portions of the bill had nothing to do with healthcare, but rather it gave money to states for other things. So, really the US government needs to stop bassing bills with all those extras, and also needs to amend bills... more »



Department of Energy

change payment clauses in contracts 4 partial payment in coins.

The US has a lot of dollar coins in storage. Moslty at Federal Reserve Banks and Leased Space. Change the payment section of the contracts to allow payment in Coins. This would require either an address where the coins will be delivered or and andress where the coins can be picked up by the contrator.

By using these coins, which have been minted allready, the government would not have to borrow that money,

A payment... more »