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Department of Homeland Security

Import Tax or Tariff Schedule Change

The United States have some of the lowest tariff rates of any country in the world, and obviously so, because we have become a consumer nation and not as much of a producer nation, which is a whole other issue.

Raise the import taxes by 2%, 1% or even a fraction of a percentage, and it would be a significantly increase the revenue, and would not prevent large corporations from importing, and manufacturing items overseas.... more »



Department of Commerce

Calculate U.S. import duties on the CIF value of goods.

Currently the U.S. is the only country in the world that calculates its import duties based on the FAS value of goods imported. Every other country in the world calculates import duties on the CIF value of goods. The difference between the two is the FAS value is determined at the port of export exclusive of shipping costs while the CIF value calculates duties on the value of the goods plus the cost of shipping. Such... more »