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Legislative Branch

Quit printing and mailing handbook updates

Our agency's 100+ handbooks are available on our website. However, we also keep printed copies of each in each of our 2400 field offices. These handbooks are updated daily. Updates are printed and mailed to each office! On a national basis this practice COSTS taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year - paper, copiers, postage, envelopes, etc. The handbooks on the web are updated daily and thus are more... more »



Department of Commerce

Save 1,000,000 Patent Examining Hours Per Year

I'm a 27 year old US patent examiner. I joined the US Patent Office last year. Since then, not only have I realized the gravity of what goes on where I work, but I've realized that because of this, beneficial changes here can mean beneficial changes across our nation. Ironically, the USPTO is not even a choice in the dropdown for this submission.

The USPTO is the brain that operates the body of American innovation.... more »



Department of Energy

Use Ideascale for the NEPA Scoping Process

“Scoping” a proposed federal action in NEPA consists of notifying the impacted community and soliciting their input on which resource areas (i.e water resources, air quality, etc.) the agency should focus their analysis on. Generally this is done by sending out emails/postcards/letters to a pre-determined distribution list and asking for their direct responses. The process as it exists detracts from the idea of a community;... more »