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Department of Health and Human Services

Out of Business Notice

Each year a large amount of time is spent by federal employees preparing for and attempting to perform inspections on firms which have gone out of business. For most of these firms it is necessary they initially register with their governing agency to inform the agency of the commodity they produce. If this registration included notification, when applicable, to the agency of the firms out of business status this would... more »



Department of Justice

Relocation - Home of Record

Relocation Cost Cutting
Establish a Home of Record

I suggest that Federal Government employees be allowed to establish a home of record similar to the U.S. Military and PHS. Currently staff must re establish themselves as they move from state to state with each move. They must register their vehicles (with costs ranging from $300 $3000), get a new driver’s license (from $10 $50), and use administrative leave (costing... more »