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Department of Commerce

Use Cloud Services (Google-App; Google Voice-Chat)

Use of Voice Over IP, thru Cloud Services, will result in tremendous savings.
Example: Google-Enterprise, now available at NOAA, allows 'free phone calls' from desktop-to-land/cell phones.

1/ That will save the government upwards of 10 cents per minute.

2/ Email within that same service, will also result in TREMENDOUS cost savings as well; reduces costs in hardware, man-hours, and trouble-shooting.

Google-App is DOD-certified,... more »


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Legislative Branch

File Cloud

File sharing service allows organizations to post and retrieve files exceeding 100 Megabytes.
*Email: Large messages are blocked by email servers.
*AKO/DKO: Cumbersome, extremely slow, and fails more often than not.
*Faxing: Inefficient and costly to print large documents and take them to a facsimile machine to send.
*DOS-based applications: Incompatible with new operating systems; may bypass virus protection.

File Cloud:... more »


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Department of Defense

Move Federal IT services to the cloud

The average employee spends a majority of their time using basic computing services, by moving email to the cloud; the government could see a savings in operating and electricity. Google offers its email client GMail for government agencies under the Google Apps platform (GAP).

GMail includes features comparable or better than what the USG is currently using: (1) GMail supports integration with Microsoft (MS) Outlook... more »