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Department of Defense

One DOD website with sub-sites for all services

Eliminate the multitudes of sites that have to be maintained for the services and create an overarching site using the AKO model since that site is spot on in functionality, pleasant appearance, remains up to date, and connects the users with whatever they need including MilBook, MilTube and other military useable sites for military videos, training, and "facebook - like" site for connecting with other military personnel.... more »



Legislative Branch

Combine Online Systems (Websites) Used by Federal Employees

We use over 10 separate online systems to take care of daily administrative tasks, and I believe that we should combine them all into one website, similar to how Google lets you switch between e-mail, calendar, documents, photos, etc. with a simple mouse click.

Combining all these systems into one system and hosting it on a centralized server would take advantage of economies of scale, greatly reducing the electricity,... more »



Department of Agriculture

account website for managing funds

As a scientist, I apply for grants to fund my research. Once grants are obtained, it is very difficult to keep track of the balance. I have three sources of information to try to figure out how much money I have: our secretary keeps track of purchases and travel vouchers she and I charged to the account using Quicken, we can look at the transaction register which often has a month lag time and is not user friendly,... more »