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Department of the Interior

Penalize Frivolous EEO Lawsuits

Employees who are fired for misconduct or poor performance often submit frivolous EEO complaints. They do this as retaliation, or in an effort to recieve (an unjustified) settlement due to the enormous expense that the government must absorb to investigate these claims. It is often cheaper for the government to pay a settlement even when no discrimination has actually occured. When such a claim is found to be clearly... more »



Department of Defense

Deployment Gear Shift

Far too many military members are sent on deployments with inadequate gear. Far too many people volunteer to be deployment managers and have NO experience with the equipment they order or even know how to use it. The programs need people who are familiar with current needs, know the good/bad of the gear and are ordering the best equipment at the lowest price. We have troops being sent overseas with old m16 magazines that... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Lets all be “Jolly Green Giants”! Save: $$$, time, & our environ

If u don't have time to read my's good lol NO MORE SENDING LETTERS!

This idea can be spanned into many departments. Just speaking for the edu dept, we send out more letters than anyone could count e.g. 1 case: Development ltrs when we need more info from the claimant, Certificate of eligibility, award ltrs for enrollments, many correction ltrs from amendments from school hour reductions or inc, withdraws,... more »