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Corps of Engineers--Civil Works

Use Skype instead of Expensive Audio/Visual Equipment

Often times the government attempts to reinvent the wheel in order to save money, but still ends up as a large price tag once committed. The use of Skype in leui of Video and Tele conference calls would save the government millions each year. The cost comparison is very simple, especially for the current setups that include items such as a projector or a television. A Webcam and a monitor would replace most instances... more »



Department of the Interior

Reduce Travel Costs

Every office should have adequate (relative to the number of employees) and user-friendly video conferencing facilities for conducting training, staff meetings, inter- and intra-agency meetings, and "virtual retreats" and all-employee meetings. There should be policy direction to utilize videoconferencing rather than official travel whenever possible without compromising the agency's mission. The amount of money and... more »



Social Security Administration

Reduce claimant wait time with existing equipment & technology.

Problem: There are long waiting times for claimants in the field offices, waiting to complete applications for retirement, survivor, Medicare and disability claims.

Cause of problem: As the baby boomers are reaching retirement age, the number of retirement and Medicare claims has been increasing, while the number of employees available to help them is decreasing. (Many employees are baby boomers themselves and are also... more »