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Executive Office of the President

One pay system

I still don't understand why we have all these agencies, departments, divisions and we use many different tools to pay employees. I shudder to think about all the money that we waste upgrading all these systems individually when we could maintain one system for all employees. Sure it would take some time to build and of course money, but in the long run it would ensure a consistent experience for employees and ease... more »



Department of Defense

Common-sense Computer Upgrades

I propose that the DOD defers new computer purchases in favor of purchasing minor parts to upgrade existing computers.

As a computer hardware enthusiast, I can attest to the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of replacing minor parts versus buying an entirely new computer. To give an idea of the savings that can be realized, I have personally re-created $5,000 dollar (brand name) computers for only $1,500.

Implementation... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

digitize microfilm and microfiche

Currently we have to routinely refer to the microfiche and microfilm records. Our microfilm has 270 pages of records per slide. A machine to photo these is relatively inexpensive. By taking snapshots of whole pages, a specialist could easily navigate through the years and records and save a ton of time.
Setting up the file structure would be easy, as the labels would match the years and organized structure already... more »



Environmental Protection Agency

Upgrade desktop computer hardware instead of replacing it

Government PCs are rarely if ever upgraded, but rather replaced. The government should purchase PCs that are designed to be upgraded instead of replaced. This could be accomplished by ensuring that newly purchased PCs have industry-standard motherboard form factors (e.g. ATX or BTX), and/or ensuring that the computers' motherboards support substantial RAM and processor upgrades beyond the original specifications. PC... more »