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Legislative Branch

bathroom toilet paper and paper towels

Revamp system such that:

1- Partial-rolls of toilet paper are not discarded into the trash by cleaning staff for the convenience of installing a new roll.

2- Recycle bins are installed in bathrooms for paper towels only (The vast majority of paper towels are used to dry clean hands and then discarded. These could be recylcled.)

3- Or, switch to hand air dryers.



Department of Justice

Recycled Paper Making Centers Within Federal Prisons

With well over a hundred Federal Correctional Institutions, and over 200,000 federal offenders within these facilities, I propose we incorporate a Paper Making Processing Center within our Federal Correctional Facilities. This would include but not limit the making of toilet paper, paper towels, copy paper, and writing paper from recycled paper.
As a BOP Case Manager, I currently use a case of recycled copier paper... more »