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Department of Health and Human Services

1) Eliminate the need for prescription medicines to treat common

Significant numbers of visits to Doctors’ offices are triggered by the need to obtain prescriptions for routinely needed medicines for common or chronic conditions, which administration are available as a common or self knowledge.
Such legislation will eliminate making unnecessary visits to Doctors (and thus reduce cost of health care), encourage personal responsibilities and availability of self-care, and focus Doctors... more »



Department of the Treasury


there are many ways to reduce spending.

1. Eliminate the IRS. The department itsself is not to blame but the lawmakers. Start the "FAIR TAX". Eliminate all federal, state and local taxes and have a national tax on every single item you purchase. Every single person in the United States would be paying taxes. This will include ILLEGALS, Tourists, Drug Dealers, and Gangsters.

2. totally revamp the life-cycle replacement... more »



Department of Transportation

Electronic Immunization Records for Travelers and School Kids

Ok, so we really need to develop an electronic Immunization Record for Travelers, perhaps this can be implemented on Passports as a international barcoding system. We also need something for children who are attending school. Paper records get lost and cost too much. Let's go green again and reduce the paper waste and increase revenue and get ourselves out of debt!


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