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Department of Homeland Security

GUARDIAN Collaboration System

We are the best nation in the world but our eyes cannot see what the feet are doing. When a manager is given a budget they are strongly compelled, if not ordered, to spend this entire budget. The consequence to their unit are dire and include a lower budget and possible the reduction of the very innovators that made these saving possible in the first place. It may seem this financial crisis appears to be the problem but,... more »



Department of the Treasury

Informed Resource Stewardship

Provide awareness of routine work-related costs to federal employees so we can begin an era of informed resource stewardship.

Core issue faced by large organizations-most employees are shielded from work-related cost data & don’t know costs of routine items/processes. Knowing these we would make more informed resource-conscious choices daily.

We should make these costs widely available to all feds on our intranet pages,... more »