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Department of the Treasury

Eliminate Paper Tax Processing Utilizing Treasury Lockbox Banks

While great strides have been made recently to get more folks to file online (which substantially reduces labor costs for the government), there's no reason why the remaining paper filings (of which there will always be some) couldn't be digitized by lockbox banks (or the Federal Reserve) servicing the IRS. Since these banks are already processing remittances for deposit, why not have them digitize filings so that they... more »



Environmental Protection Agency

Rule Writers Rejoice: Streamlined Notice-and-Comment Rulemaking

The Problem:
Responding to traditional notice-and-comment rulemaking required by the Administrative Procedure Act takes a substantial amount of effort for both the agency and submitters. For each rulemaking, the agency must address hundreds and sometimes thousands of comments submitted by the public to determine if the comment is substantive and whether the comment is the same or similar to that of other submissions.... more »