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Legislative Branch

Stop printing $1 bills until inventory of $1 coins goes down

This probably needs legislation to make work.

Stop printing the ones until the stock plie of dollar coins that the Federela REserve is storiing goes down, to the point the quantity is "normal" inventory. Then restart printing of the dollar bill if you must. Just stopping the presidential dolla coin program is not going to do anything for the coins in storage right now.

And I have often asked for dollar coins or... more »



Department of Commerce

Email Only! Handouts of Presentations

Every day government employees create engaging power point presentations, The common practice now is to print out enough handouts for all attendees. This is often binders full of reports, etc. I propose that the new "norm" consist of paper free presentations. If attendees would like to request the presentation, they can do so via email. Then the presentation can be emailed to them as a pdf that they can read on... more »