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Department of Defense

Put Solar on All Government Roofs when built or repaired

Roofing Projects for new government buildings and for Repairing existing government buildings is expensive, but it would Save a lot of money over time if we added Solar Panels at the same time as roof work is being contracted. The installation costs would be reduced greatly and the electrical savings would more than make up for the smaller construction cost over time and would lower our dependence on energy. It would... more »



Department of Housing and Urban Development

Separate Shared Condo Utilities

I lived in a condo which had common electricity and water. Because these utilities are not separated, an average condo used about 300% more utilities than otherwise. For example, some take 30 minute showers, and keep the thermostat at 60 degrees in the Summer and 90 in the Winter.


We need to encourage these utilties to be separated by a combination of financial incentives/penalties and perhaps limited mandates.



Department of Veterans Affairs

Making a Difference by Saving Energy and Money

I believe a great way the government could save energy and money would be to put in motion sensored lights. This would work especially well in restrooms, hallways and administrative offices. We would no longer have to rely on employees to turn the lights off. As long is someone is in the office working, in the restroom or walking down a hallway the lights are on. When you exit the area the lights go off. A great... more »