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Department of Veterans Affairs

"Freecycling" unneeded/unused equipment

An example: my clinical microbiology lab was in emergent need for a CO2 incubator. We had no money in our budget to purchase a new one, so I made calls and discovered Research had one in storage which they gave us on prolonged loan.

We need a federal "Craig's List" or "Freecycle" type of system where people could list unneeded but useable equipment and supplies, and others could "shop" there before purchasing duplicates.... more »



Department of Defense

Mandatory DRMO use

The Gov., DoD in particular has a DRMO system for liquidating or reassigning used equipment. Although the idea is good, I have noticed that the DRMO is often ignored by the DoD agencies when it comes time to acquire equipment. For one example, my base waited 2+ years & spent @ $600K to acquire a new crane. My base is @ 40 mi. from a DRMO through which at least 6 apparently useable cranes went to sale by DRMO in that... more »



Legislative Branch

Centralized Processing for excessed equipment

Instead of wasting billions of dollars by crushing/destroying excess hardware, have equipment sent to a centralized location (or a local office) to be securely wiped and re-purposed in other agencies. That way other agencies could draw from equipment that was already paid for by tax dollars. It is ridiculous for one agency to spend money on equipment that another agency is preparing to destroy.

This could easily save... more »


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