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Office of Personnel Management

End the print - scan - print, cycle

It is unnecessary to print a file only to send it to another office where they scan it and input it into their system --- and then print it to send to another office, and so on and so.


This process can be just as easily done through email attachments or file server databases. The issue isn't utilizing new software --- but rather, mandating the use, by all employees, of current software.



Department of Justice

Bureau of Prisons Call-Out/Change Sheets

Institutions print out call-outs / change sheets for inmates to view every day. One copy may contain up to 25 pages of entries. As many as 75 copies are made each day for posting in various areas for inmates to read. This accounts for as much as 13125 pages of printed material for one week at one institution. If you two side print the document, it still amounts to 6563 printed pages of material per week for one institution.... more »



Social Security Administration

Stop Printing Brochures for Programs Replace with Kiosk

Every year there are hundreds of different brochures printed. Most of them sit in the lobby or storage closet until they expire or are replaced. We print brochures in many languages, so each one is a duplicate.
In order to ensure that we have enough material for the public at large, we generally keep more than necessary in the office. When a programmatic change occurs, we discard the old (usually in bulk) and replace... more »