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Legislative Branch

Get rid of Congresses Personal Jets and Other things

Right now the biggest thing that comes to my mind is Nancy Pelosi and the multi million dollar jet she had the government pay to get her so she could fly nonstop from her home state to DC, with her, her crew, and 200 reporters. Seriously, why is the government paying to transport reporters? Everytime her aircraft flys in any direction it costs the taxpayers 60,000 dollars. Why not do away with all the private aircraft,... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Multiple suggestions to reduce costs in general

1.Increases the use of Telework , Telework support services and Flexible work schedules
2.Where applicable, review and adjust Transit Benefit payouts to account for Telework days when employees do not commute to work
3.Encourage the use of Live Meeting or similar secured applications to hold meetings in an effort to reduce travel costs
4.Reduce technology and IT security costs by using PC on Stick (secure operating system... more »


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