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Department of Justice

Bureau of Prisons Call-Out/Change Sheets

Institutions print out call-outs / change sheets for inmates to view every day. One copy may contain up to 25 pages of entries. As many as 75 copies are made each day for posting in various areas for inmates to read. This accounts for as much as 13125 pages of printed material for one week at one institution. If you two side print the document, it still amounts to 6563 printed pages of material per week for one institution.... more »



Legislative Branch

Monitor vs Paper

This idea is in regards to the Social Security Administration case workers in the field offices. As a case worker I believe that the benefits to getting a second monitor would be advantageous in our “Go Green” initiative by reducing our carbon footprint and increasing the efficiency of production. However, the following are preliminary numbers that I have come up with for our office here in Georgetown.

21 reps each... more »



Department of Labor

Sunlight over bulbs and heating

While dimmer switches would be ideal for all offices, a more immediate way to save energy and money would simply be to turn off the outer row of lights during daylight hours on sunny days at all federal agencies. Additionally, in the winter, the sunny side of the building is usually very hot, so it makes sense to reduce the heating temperature on these sides of the building to use the heat of the sun and less energy.



Department of Energy

All Around Government Savings

All government offices should install sensored lighting to reduce energy costs. In addtion all computer monitors should be turning off when no tin use.


On another note all money that wuold normally be spent campaining should be pooled together and used for charities and the betterment of city/town streets. Why waste millions of dollars, when everyday americans and there communities could use the help.