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Legislative Branch

Savings Bonus

When an employee saves money, whether it is official travel or purchase of equipment, give the person saving the money a percentage of the savings.

If the person finds a flight for official business that is $700 less then they receive 10% of the money saved.

Of course this will require legal changes made by congress, so that employees can make purchases on the free market. It can even be limited to travel or office... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Remove the Cap on Government Purchase Card Purchases

Currently, there is a $3,000 cap on purchases made on the Government Purchase Card. The Government receives a 1 percent rebate on all charges to the Purchase Card from the issuing bank. Internal controls are supposed to be in place to protect against unauthorized charges. By removing the limit, the cardholders could charge higher amounts, thus earning the Government more in rebates. Furthermore, the Government would not... more »