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Department of Homeland Security

Too many employees involved in Cargo targeting

Why do we need Strategic Trade Centers in different parts of the country, each staffed by many employees. Import Specialists, properly trained and chosen can do this, and already do targeting as part of their job (and they go up to Sr. grade 12, not 13 as the International Trade Specialists do). You want statistics, hire a statistician! Officers do targeting! Personnel in the National Targeting Center to targeting.... more »



Office of Personnel Management

UP or OUT employee advancement policy

There should be a preset period of time that any employee can "sit" in a grade, (especially the lower grades) without advancing.

Case and point: If an employee is a GS-5 for more than 4 years, and is receiving anything less than an "outstanding" rating, they should be given 30 days to advance to GS-6, or else they are terminated.

Employees that are allowed to stay in lower grades for long periods of time with minimal... more »