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Legislative Branch

Use per diem to pay travel card

The per diem rate in our area is HUGE compared to what we actually spend. To eliminate to problem of people not paying their travel card, and wasting time for auditors to review cards and such, the per diem should not only be lowered, but used to pay the travel card first, and then any left over should be paid to the worker.

We travelled less than 100 miles to a conference and had to spend the night due to the hours... more »



Department of the Treasury

Hotel Per Diem Incentive to Traveler

Encourage employees to choose the lowest hotel rate below the Per Diem by giving them 10% of the amount below the Per Diem. Example, if the Per Diem is $200 and the final hotel bill is $100, the traveler would receive 10% of the amount below the Per Diem - $10.



Department of Homeland Security

Per Diem Paperwork Reduction Policy

Currently most department policies say that receipts are not required for perdiem. Yet most contractors are asked to submit detailed receipts for meals. If this policy were changed so that no receipts for perdiem expenses were allowed, employees and contractors that travel weekly would save about an hour a week of admin time that could be used productively. In addition, significant amounts of paper would be saved.... more »