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Department of Commerce

Actual Expense Reimbursement for Gov. Travel

Eliminate the automatic payout of full per diem for MI&E. Most employees pocket this money and eat at the hotel for free or eat cheap. Very few, if any, actually use the full per diem. By paying back the employee for actual expenses incurred this will save the government billions over the years. I was recently relocated and had to use this method and found it very difficult to use the full per diem rate, even if I went... more »



Department of the Treasury

Hotel Per Diem Incentive to Traveler

Encourage employees to choose the lowest hotel rate below the Per Diem by giving them 10% of the amount below the Per Diem. Example, if the Per Diem is $200 and the final hotel bill is $100, the traveler would receive 10% of the amount below the Per Diem - $10.



Department of Defense

Reduce Excessive Travel M&IE

As a federal employee, whenever I travel on official business, I am granted compensation for my meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) at a rate usually set by GSA, but also set by DoD or DoS in some jurisdictions. If I do not spend up to the compensation rate, I pocket any excess (untaxed I might add). At least this is how it works in DoD.

I have rarely ever spent up to the M&IE rates, despite generally eating well.... more »