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Department of Defense

Government Contractors

The military is now getting contracted out. The contractors are making a killing. You look at my job in the Air Force, 2F0X1, I have had several airmen seperate from the Air Force to do the exact same job in the middle east for $120,000+. These jobs, contracted out by the DoD. My current job stateside, is partially contracted out, they make more money then we do. If we cut these outrageous contractor jobs and let... more »



Department of the Treasury

Small Federal Pay Raise in Dollar Coins

The United States Treasury will have approximately $2 billion dollars worth of dollar coins in storage. Storing these dollar coins costs money. Storing these coins securely costs the government a lot of money.

My plan is to give Federal employees a small optional pay raise. Employees recieving this raise would have to A. take some portion of their salary (<0.5%) in the form of dollar coins and B. agree to spend the... more »