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Department of Agriculture

Passwords: exchange the change for length and strength

Instead of changing the many passwords that we need to enter every 60 or 90 days, we should be allowed to choose one password to last indefinitely. Also, make stronger requirements for a long lasting password. Include letters, characters, and numbers, and make sure it is sufficiently long.

It only takes five minutes to change a password, but with multiple passwords changing frequently, the time can add up. Also, time... more »



Office of Personnel Management

Allow us to get TSP account # & password online-not snailmail!!

10% of the federal work force (300,000 employees) do NOT contribute to their retirement. Why put up TWO obstacles which could take 3 WEEKS to get these employees enrolled when it should take 3 MINUTES? If you don't have your account number, you have to request one through SNAILMAIL. Then, after getting your account number, you have to make ANOTHER REQUEST FOR YOUR PASSWORD THROUGH - you guessed it - SNAILMAIL.

Do we... more »



Legislative Branch

ID's and Sys Passwords Save Millions

The IRS issued new PHOTO ID Cards about a year or two back. These $200 ID cards at minimum do little to get us anywhere. Some of us still have to have additional cards to enter secure areas because their is no method of temporary affixing or indicating a secure area id. These expensive badges were suppose to allow us entry at any Federal Government site across the country without further identification. The goal was... more »