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Department of Defense

Reduce Overtime Hours

By replacing full-time positions with part-time workers ( 2 part time = 1 full time, or to reduce the size of the workforce 3 part time = 2 full time) we can provide a workforce that is better equipped to handle varying task loads. For example, part time workers that work 20 hrs/week normally could flex up to 30 when necessary (e.g., when other workers are out on medical leave or when the office workload increases) without... more »



Department of Commerce

Keep Experience Alive

With the country's baby-boomers ready to retire our workforce considerably, I know the government shall start major hiring campaigns in the near future. In my opinion as a government employee, the job we do is more craftsman-like than other types of jobs and that experience gained over the years at our job is what makes a government employee more efficient with time.
For that reason, I feel we can start a program (if... more »



Department of Justice

BOP hire more retirees to work contract or part time at joints.

Beginning next year, 2012, 4 prisons in our region will have over 450 staff retirement eligible, with almost 1/2 of them mandatory retirement. Many of those staff, myself included, would welcome the chance to go back and work part time. We're already trained, have had background checks, etc. We can monitor phone calls, help in the business office, work in HRM, and at the camps as well. We could be unescorted volunteers... more »


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