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Department of Veterans Affairs

Electronic notification

The Department of Veterans Affairs sends numerous multi-page documents to veterans each day notifying the veteran on claims requirements, decisions, etc. I believe millions of dollars in postage and paper can be saved by developing a e-account for veterans. Such a system would allow for veterans to view VA correspondence online instantly thus saving time and money. Much like the private sector this would be a voluntary... more »



Legislative Branch

Save paper and control congress at the same time. Read!

Require congress to limit the number of pages and text allowed for what should be simple legislation.
Example: Tax code is thousands of pages now with too many loop holes for special interests. Require simpler code in less than 100 pages. Imagine the savings in printing and loop holes or special deductions that simply won't fit! Imagine the savings with fewer using tax accountants and all THAT paper and money that's... more »



Department of Defense

Real-time complete financial status of projects

Idea submited at #3 in 2010


This system reduced budget over-run from $1.2million down to just $74thousand in one year. If applied to the entire Federal Government we stand to say approximately $145billion annually with this system.


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