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Department of Agriculture

Consolidate Regional offices

There are many, many regional offices across the country. Why not follow the recent lead of the Census and start moving to a 21st century model that relies much more on telecom (which is more cost efficient for taxpayers and convenient for consumers) rather than brick and mortar. Let's make as many regional offices "virtual" as we can -- and where we need a physical presence let's merge various agency regional offices... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Merge VA into DOD

Eliminate the VA as a separate entity, by rolling the Dept. of Veterans Affairs into the DOD, to provide care for all active duty forces, their families and Veterans.

Cost reductions include eliminating redundant department and services. Eliminating the VA central office in Washington DC.

Lower costs of supplies and pharmaceuticals due to the combined purchasing power of the VA and DOD.

Improved inefficiencies in... more »