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Office of Personnel Management

Improve communication around budget/debt crises

Federal employees are left in the dark about what will happen if a budget is not passed or the debt limit isn't increased. They resort to reading the news clips, searching for answers online, talking to each other, etc., which is a terrible waste of work time. The rumor mill runs rampant, and the lost productivity has costs that no one has calculated.

Communicate exactly what will happen (who would be furloughed, who... more »



Department of Commerce

Stop Waste For Telecommuters

Every pay period, people who telecommute more than 50 miles from their home agency have to come into the office JUST TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE. While they are travelling to the office, these employees are not working. This wastes millions in lost productivity for the USPTO alone. Government wide, the amount of waste is staggering.

This does not include the waste of money to the employee or the horrendous amounts of energy... more »



Department of Defense

Inefficient computer security practices = wasted resources

Determine a federated approach to computer startup scripts and system scanning which maintains, if not improves, the current level of security on desktops/laptops. If a desktop/laptop takes 30 minutes to get to a usable state on a daily basis due to startup scripts which are intended to assure security measures are in place and have not been compromised it equates to approximately 2 weeks of unproductive billable time... more »


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