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Office of Personnel Management

Save $96M per year by using 1/4 less lighting (electricity)

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Fluorescent lights are relatively economical but what they save per bulb is lost by volume and duration.

The electricity used to power 1 Bulb costs approximately 15$ per year**

In one small part of my office (that houses approximately thirty employees), I count 36 light fixtures. That’s 72 lights --- or an electrical cost of $1,152 annually.

That’s $38.40 per employee annually, JUST for the electricity that powers... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Lighting, Recycling, Paper Waste, Travel

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Here are a few ideas that could save the government money by eliminating unnecessary expenditures:

1. Travel:
a. Audits or “Site Visits” should be conducted remotely when possible.
b. We should eliminate all travel for training and conferences and conduct these utilizing available technology.
2. Paper Waste: Leave and Earning Statements should only be provided electronically.
3. Recycling in mass: This... more »



National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Core Hour Mandates to Reduce Energy Usage for Lighting and HVAC.

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Let’s get right down to it. Employees that do not have a pressing need to work past core hours should not be enabled to do so. Here is why. Energy wasters: Computers remain on all night after normal work hours; office lights are kept on throughout the night; and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning remain on after leaving the office.

All of these energy wasters (and money consumers) have solutions, and I’ll tackle... more »


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