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Department of Transportation

Government Website Chat Representatives

Most companies that create websites for easier access to information also have a link that allows you to “chat” with a company representative. I am unaware of any assistance like that through any of the federal government websites. Most website company representatives are available to “chat” 24/7 to assist the public, although there are companies that only offer the “chat” certain times of the day. I would like to... more »



Social Security Administration

Reduce claimant wait time with existing equipment & technology.

Problem: There are long waiting times for claimants in the field offices, waiting to complete applications for retirement, survivor, Medicare and disability claims.

Cause of problem: As the baby boomers are reaching retirement age, the number of retirement and Medicare claims has been increasing, while the number of employees available to help them is decreasing. (Many employees are baby boomers themselves and are also... more »