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Department of Defense

Consolidation of LSS personnel

Currently, every DOD Service and agency has its own cadre of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) practitioners. These practitioners are stretched thin since there simply are not enough LSS Black and Master Black Belts within each Service or agency to teach new belts, mentor those belts through difficult projects, or facilitate enterprise level projects. A more efficient use of Black and Master Black Belts would be to have an office... more »



Department of Justice

Develop Lean Six Sigma initiatives across government

Institute Lean Six Sigma Intitatives Government Wide.
Lean Six Sigma is the premier tool for developing and improving process efficiency in the corporate and public sectors. For every dollar spent on training and implementing LSS projects, the government could realize several dollars in process improvement. Once processes are refined through these data based analysis techniques, each year after, the savings from these... more »



Executive Office of the President

Department of Technology Utilization - It Will Come Eventually!!

Problem: The underlying problem is lack of Technology Utilization. Technology exists on every Government computer with functionalities, features, capabilities, and tools that are not being utilized and therefore the return on investments in Technology is low. Most end-users of technology are not technology experts and therefore do not realize the full capabilities in order to perform their functions efficiently with the... more »