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Department of Homeland Security

Cheaper Laser Printers

Another way of saving CBP and the Dept. of Homeland Security more money with purchasing new Samsung Laser Printers for $45.00 and laser ink cartridges for $36.87 each. They are highly rated by users and reviews from We currently spend approx anywhere from $300-500 per printer and approx $100.00 per ink cartridges. This would add up to larger savings across the board for new equipment purchases and replacement... more »


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General Services Administration

Save millions of dollars on printing? Try Century Gothic font!

Not all fonts use the same amount of ink. Using certain fonts can result in up to 31% savings when printing many routine memos, outlines, and other "non-presentation quality" correspondence, compared to other, "standard" fonts.
Having IT personnel switch to ink-sparing fonts on a default basis could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in notoriously expensive printer ink and toner cartridges. [At inflated retail GSA... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Printer Reduction and Consolidation

As information flows through an organization documents are the key component that drives it. The cost of maintaining and printing documents are very costly to every organization. A good portion of the cost is printing, which includes paper, consumables, power/cooling (i.e., AC) and maintenance. These costs can be controlled or at the very least reduced. A recent Info Trends market research study indicates that the... more »