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General Services Administration

Partner w/Private Industry To Lower Online Govt. Retail Costs

Billions are spent each year by federal government agencies on IT infrastructure to run their online (and outdated) legacy retail efforts. Now, in today's tough economic times, efforts to update these systems may never happen due to high costs. As an alternative, utilizing private systems. For ex., Inc's cloud computing unit might provide one logical alternative. Amazon Web Services started small in 2006 by... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Upgrade & Utilize Laptops w/Docking Station–Eliminate Desktops

It is common practice to issue laptops and desktops to designated individuals, doubling the burden on OIT support staff (Both Help Desk, DSM) as well as Asset Management and the user to keep all the hardware/software current with system updates. Note: To maintain COOP readiness all computers must be up to date and ready for service with minimal intervention.
Beyond support there is a direct cost associated with having... more »



Department of Justice

Laptop or Desktop

Most all employees in the Department of Justice, and possibly other Federal agencies, are designated a desktop computer (monitor(s), keyboard, and mouse), Blackberry, and laptop computer. Many employees that receive a laptop may work from home 2 or 3 times per year. This a potentially an enormous and wasteful expense. Not only are laptops potentially expensive to purchase, but IT offices must set up each laptop and... more »


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